Odesza and JapaneseDad release their first NFT project

Odesza enters the NFT world with "REMNANTS"

Robert G.
March 30, 2021

Odesza and JapaneseDad released their first NFT project together this weekend, with one collectable already selling for $88,888.88

The artists describe the NFT collection as “A resurrection of artistic concepts lost to time and scattered across hard-drives. We unearthed our past to inspire our future, revitalizing forgotten inspirations through the lens of our current experience. REMNANTS embodies the rebirth of lost artifacts informing our future history now forever preserved on the blockchain.”

One copy of Photosynthesis by ODESZA x JapaneseDad featuring an unreleased VIP edit of “All We Need” went to the highest bidder, while 100 copies of Luminance featuring an unreleased VIP edit of “Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings” were auctioned to 52,879 entrants.

Unreleased originals were also in the mix, as 528 editions of “Artifact” sold at $999, 100 editions of “Mirage” sold at $3,500, and 51 editions of “Palace” sold at $5,000. You can hear previews of the music at their respective links.

ODESZA will also pledge a portion of proceeds to Carbon180 to offset and reduce carbon emissions.

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